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YubiKey NEO $50.00

Our premium YubiKey has all the functionality of a standard YubiKey, but also includes NFC communication for access to mobile devices. Furthermore it can be loaded with Java Card Smart Card applets and used as a Mifare Classic RFID token for Physical Access.

Special Features

  • Emits One Time Passwords (OTP) through both NFC (Near Field Communication) and USB interfaces
  • Mobile authentication through NFC contactless technology (NDEF type 4), works with Android, RIM, Windows Phone, Symbian
  • Featuring Mifare Classic, for legacy physical access control systems
  • Common Criteria certified bank grade authentication ICs
  • CCID compliant USB token, including secure element and JavaCard
  • Current version limited to an experimental OpenPGP applet
  • First authentication device to comply with Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) requirements ** Please note current YubiKey NEOs sold do not support U2F and are not upgradable.

YubiKeys can be configured for use with Yubico One Time Password (OTP), OATH-HOTP, HMAC-SHA1 Challenge-Response and Static Password. A YubiKey can hold two independent configurations of any supported type, thus functioning in essence as two separate keys.

In addition, YubiKeys come with a lifetime subscription to our online validation service (the YubiCloud) and open source components.

For shipping information, please click here. YubiKeys ship with a warranty of two years from date of purchase.

Slot 1: Yubico OTP
Slot 2: Blank

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